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International platform MedicGlobus is an opportunity to choose between leading doctors and best certified clinics among more than 300 institutions in 23 countries. Get second medical opinion from the world-class specialists, compare prices in different clinics and countries, schedule an appointment and make your medical trip.

About us

Our mission is to provide each patient with a qualified medical solution individually

Regardless of search criteria you can easily choose the most suitable option for you. The MedicGlobus team will support you and help to navigate between world-known hospitals, to plan and perform medical trip. We will always be close to you in order to make your medical trip the most comfortable and effective.


About us


We are sure that the right of every person is to have access to latest treatment options and high-class medicine. Health has no geographical boundaries, everything what separates you from quality medical service is a couple of clicks.

About us


Go where the best treatment available individually for you, being an independent platform MedicGlobus is not associated with a group of individual clinics and does not put patients within a limited choice.

About us


Get transparent and honest information. Experts of our team check the relevance of information, protecting your interests.

About us


Our patient are in the focus of our attention. Everyone gets an individual approach and personal coordinator who will be available 24\7.

About us
Zeeshan Zaman (M.D) CEO, Co-Founder (Medical Editor)

Medical doctor & expert keeping a close eye on the developments in foreign medicine for the last 5 years. Traveling to experience other cultures, learn languages and get inspired. Speaks more than 5 languages.

Content Managers/Editors
Lidia Artemenko Author

She has been working as a copywriter for more than 5 years. She has a 1 year experience in medical tourism copywriting. Her ideal day off is a family walk in the park along with a darling dachshund. In her free time she is engaged in handmade, loves to knit and crochet, embroider with beads.

Нина воробей Author

Has been writing medical texts for over 2 years. Experience in copywriting exceeds 6 years. She has an education in the direction of “Social and Legal Protection”. Mastered the program of medical courses. She is studying communication techniques for negotiating with patients. In her free time attends trainings and seminars on medical psychology.

Екатерина Сибира Author/ SMM

Graduated from an advanced course in copywriting and content marketing. Since 2019, she has been working in the field of medical tourism. She follows innovations in medicine and is also interested in the latest developments in endoscopic surgery. In addition to writing articles, she creates video content for the MedicGlobus YouTube channel and attends medical tourism conferences.

Albina Holovina Author/ Medical Editor

Has been working in the field of medical copywriting for 2 years. She is a postgraduate student at the Faculty of Psychology. Author of several scientific publications in the field of clinical psychology. Additionally, she studies the physiology of the central nervous system, neuropsychology, and psychiatry. In her free time, she studies mindfulness practices and conducts psychological consultations.

Виктория Кулик Author/Medical Editor

Works in field of medical copywriting since 2019. Has an degree in clinical psychology. Since 2010 has been studying medicine and finished medical school preparatory courses. She devotes her free time to studying the current state of the medical sphere in the world and scientific innovations. Her interests include neuroscience, biology, genetics, physiology and medical technology. She is fluent in Ukrainian, English, Russian and studies German.

Digital Communications Manager
Anastasia Gerasko Author/PR Specialist

Digital communications manager. Completed her master's degree in advertising and PR. Has more than 5 years experience in marketing and communications out of which 3 years in the field of global medicine. Writes articles for company’s blog and international media. Enjoys traveling and taking photos.

Web Dev


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