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Health is one of the most important part of every person’s life. At the time when there is a need to diagnose, get medical help, undergo treatment or to decide about beauty treatment – it is very important to choose a right doctor and medical facility.

MedicGlobus gives access to carefully selected international clinics and the best specialists. Patients can find and compare the best clinics that have received international recognition, as well as request an estimate for treatment free of charge. MedicGlobus will simplify your search and make your trip as comfortable and safe as possible.

Treatment abroad

Slowly developing medicine in large number of countries, outdated equipment, lack of experience in treating complex diseases, poor medical standards, long lines in hospitals and even previously unsuccessful treatment – all this makes patients seek treatment in foreign clinics.

In our time, treatment abroad has become a rational choice, for patients who do not have the opportunity to receive proper medical care in their own country. The most popular areas for health care are Germany, Israel, Turkey, Austria, India, South Korea. In these countries, medicine is given enough attention, and medical services meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Arriving for treatment, patients can be assured of the skills and competence of doctors who apply the latest international treatment protocols and the latest medical equipment in their practice.

Treatment abroad


Treatment abroad

High quality medicine

The quality of medical services depends on many factors. The number and scale of scientific research, the introduction of new medical and diagnostic techniques, regular training of doctors, as well as the experience of treating various pathologies – all this affects the quality of medical care. MedicGlobus provides the opportunity to find the best medical solution around the world.

Treatment abroad

Quick access

Long waiting in queue for admission to a specialist may be quite uncomfortable and do not meet the requirements of patients, moreover, a long wait can adversely affect the treatment and prognosis of curing the disease, especially when it comes to the urgent need of cancer treatment or reconstructive surgery. Plan and organize your treatment without wasting time on waiting.

Treatment abroad

Financial accessibility

The pricing index varies from country to country, which allows you to compare the costs of treatment and choose the best option that will fully meet your requirements and expectations. Choose the most suitable option for your treatment on your planned budget.

Treatment abroad

Modern technologies

Modern medical equipment, compliance with international standards, high qualifications of doctors – all this predetermines the success of the treatment. These factors successfully combine in countries such as Germany, Turkey or Israel which creates the environment for successful and effective treatment. Individual approach to each case.

Treatment abroad

Individual approach to each case

In leading foreign clinics, much attention is paid not only to the patient’s recovery, but also to the comfort of his stay in the clinic. Individual approach to the treatment and diagnosis of each medical case predetermines the effectiveness of complex treatment and the prognosis for patient after treatment.


Plan your visit to the clinic before you arrive, get an estimate for treatment or a second medical opinion for free In order to provide you with detailed information on treatment options and to make a request to the clinic, we need your documentation (medical reports, medical history, analysis results, MRI, CT, PET CT, International passport).

Your personal coordinator will provide you with all the necessary information and assist with opening a visa or an invitation from the clinic to arrive in the selected country for treatment.

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Treatment abroad
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