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BLK Super Speciality Hospital
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BLK Super Speciality Hospital

Delhi, India

Clinic Review

BLK Hospital

The BLK super speciality hospital in India is a private hospital, known worldwide for advanced methods of combating cancer, successful complex liver transplantation operations and a unique approach to the treatment of heart disease.

It is one of the first Indian hospitals to be accredited by the NABH (National Council for the Standardization of Hospitals and Medical Services of India, which has an international standard).

The hospital was founded in 1930 as a charitable hospital specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. Thanks to the efforts of Dr. BL. Kapura, who invested his own money in the expansion of the clinic. In 1959 the charitable gynecological hospital became the leading multidisciplinary BLK hospital in India.

Now functioning here are: the largest Department of bone marrow transplantation, the leading Cancer department, the innovative Center for Liver and Digestive Diseases and the progressive Department of Orthopedics and Joint Restoration.

Everyone who goes to the hospital is guaranteed a comprehensive individual approach and an effective treatment scheme, adopted collectively. The clinic has the latest medical equipment, 700 beds (125 of which are in intensive care unit), 17 advanced operating rooms and a specialized polyclinic.

BLK Hospital is a popular destination for medical tourists. Over the years, they have treated more than 750,000 patients across the globe, performed more than 91,000 operations, and more than 1,800,000 OPD consultations.



    иконка галочкиFrontier CT scanner; 

    иконка галочкиX-Ray DR; 

    иконка галочкиFluoroscopy; 

    иконка галочкиRobotic surgery;  

    иконка галочкиTomo therapy;  

    иконка галочкиMRI scanner.

Features of the Clinic



Over 58 years of experience in the treatment of all types of diseases, leading Indian specialists and advanced diagnostic methods.

This is Delhi's first hospital, accredited by the National Council for Standardization of Laboratories, which additionally guarantees the accuracy of the diagnosis.

These are fully automated systems that minimize the medical errors caused by the human factor.

Special 3D visualization systems have been introduced in the hospital to plan operations and conduct virtual surgical interventions for patients requiring liver and bone marrow transplantation to make these operations as safe and accurate as possible.

There are modern modular operating rooms, designed specifically for liver and laparoscopic surgery.

The hospital has unique infection control systems that protect patients from nosocomial infections.

Surgery in BLK hospital



Cancer center of multidisciplinary hospital BLK has two main goals. 1 - appoint and conduct treatment so as to help the patient completely get rid of cancer and minimize the risk of recurrence of the disease in future. 2 - make every effort to preserve the patient's organ affected by the cancer.

Cancer Center for these purposes created Cancer Council comprising of medical oncologists (conducts regular inspection of patients / supervises chemotherapy, immunotherapy, hormone / consults with other specialists), oncologists surgeons (biopsy / operation tumor removal), radiation oncologists ( specializes in radiotherapy / explains X-rays / analyzes CT, MRI).

BLK Cancer Department specialises in the following treatments:

    иконка галочкиHead and neck cancer; 

    иконка галочкиThorax, lung and thyroid cancer; 

    иконка галочкиBreast and gynaecologic cancer; 

    иконка галочкиGenitourinary cancer; 

    иконка галочкиGastrointestinal cancer; 

    иконка галочкиSarcoma, lymphoma and bone cancer; 

    иконка галочкиCancer in children; 

    иконка галочкиReconstructive and robotic cancer surgeries. 

The specialists of the Cancer Council are approaching each case of cancer individually: they jointly discuss the results of the patient's diagnosis and determine the stage of the cancer / condition of the patient as a whole, in order to quickly establish an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the most effective treatment.

For additional diagnosis of cancer, the Center uses a combined PET / CT-visualization, which makes it possible to confirm the presence of malignant process and determine its location in the body with 100% accuracy.

In the BLK Clinical Oncology Unit in India, along with successful tumor removal operations, high-tech equipment is used that allows effective chemotherapy and does not affect the healthy tissues and organs of the patient.

The department has been recognised with an award as the best Cancer Awareness Campaign provider by the Indian Healthcare Exellence Center.

In addition to treatment, Center also provides services, focused on improving the quality of life of cancer patients, which include:

  • Palliative care;
  • Counceling for the patients and relatives;
  • Genetic risk testing;
  • Voice Clinic;
  • Dysphagia (difficulty with swallowing) Clinic.



The Heart Center has developed a unique system for providing care to patients with cardiovascular diseases - the Heart Council, for diagnosis and treatment in a joint discussion of each individual patient.

The "Heart Council" includes the best Indian cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, intensive cardiologists and anesthesiologists.

The heart center of BLK hospital in India is known all over the world thanks to innovations in the field of coronary bypass surgery, congenital heart disease surgery, interventional surgery and aneurysm treatment.

The Center employs about 5,000 cardiosurgeons, over 4,000 cardiologists and 3,500 specialists in minimally invasive cardiosurgery who successfully treat even the most complex cardiovascular diseases.

Specialists of the Cardiovascular Diseases Department conducted more than 20 000 interventional surgeries.

BLK Heart Center was awarded by Lumen Global for the Best Response in Acute Heart Attacks



The Center for the treatment of liver diseases and the digestive system of the clinic is the top in India and one of the leading in the world.

Specialists of this department provide patients with modern treatment for all existing liver and GI diseases of any severity.

The Center routinely carries out the most complicated surgical interventions: liver transplant, gallbladder cancer surgery, pancreatic cancer and liver cancer.

A team of experienced specialists from the Indian clinic BLK guarantees each patient treatment that meets the international standards of quality of medical services, protection from medical errors and comprehensive round-the-clock monitoring of his condition.

Specialists at the department cooperatie with institutions and research centers to modernise Indian medicine and develop innovative procedures and treatments. They have publications in indexed international medical journals.

Additionally, the department offers Digestive wellness and rehabilitation programms.



Even though BLK is among the highest-rated medical centers in India, the price of services is much lower than in many other countries, including Korea, Israel, Turkey and Western Europe.

Procedure: Cost:
Consultation with a specialist from $65
Heart valve replacement surgery from $5,600
Myomectomy from $2,800
Hysterectomy from $4,800
Procedure: Cost:
Chemotherapy from $500
Brain tumour removal from $9,000
Hip replacement surgery from $6,000
Kidney transplant from $13,000
Testimonials (3)

Average clinic rating
Patient Verified
  • 4
The patient was treated
Came to BLK hospital with prostatic hyperplasia. Was examined by many specialists, specifically – wonderful urologist Dr. Ajay Kaul, who also performed the surgery. Many thanks to him. Also consulted with a local cardiologist, neurolo... Read more
Delhi, India, December 3, 2019
Patient Verified
  • 5
The patient was treated
My husband underwent sports injury surgery by dr Deepak Chaudhary..One of the only specialists in the country who are professional enough to perform this procedure. Not only did he save my husband’s ability to walk, now he plays football &#... Read more
Delhi, India, October 8, 2019
Patient Verified
  • 5
The patient was treated
I was suffering from hepatitis C for more than 10 years and taking treatment to support my health but very much worried about the outcome. Fortunately I come across information from mediglobus regarding treatment of hepatitis C with Subusfu... Read more
Delhi, India, August 6, 2017
Joint Commission International
Joint Commission International
National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers
National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers


Dr. Dharma Choudhary
30 years
Prof. K.N Srivastav
39 years
Dr. Kapil Kumar
25 years
Surgeon-oncologist Dharma Choudhary heads the Center for bone marrow transplantation at the BLK hospital. He is engaged in bone marrow transplantation and treatment of hemato-oncological diseases.
Has honorary membership in the Indian Society of Hematology. Author of more than 20 publications.
Specialization of the doctor: bone marrow transplantation, oncology.
Dr. Dharma Choudhary
Experience: 30 years
He was a personal surgeon consultant to the Prime Minister of India.
Worked as a chief specialist in the hospital RML.He has 15 years of experience in laparoscopic and bariatric surgery, along with 24 years of experience at the all india institute of medical sciences. Carried out eight research projects in the field of surgery.
Specialization of the doctor: surgery.
Prof. K.N Srivastav
Experience: 39 years
Dr. Kapil Kumar specializes in the treatment of breast cancer, esophageal cancer, lung cancer. He also performs oncoplastic operations and surgical treatment of pancreatic diseases.
Prior to joining BLK, he worked at the Indian Center for Cancer Research. Honorary member: Indian Society of Oncology, International Society of Diseases of the Esophagus, Delhi Medical Association.
Specialization of the doctor: Oncological surgery.
Dr. Kapil Kumar
Experience: 25 years
Location of the Clinic
Building No-5, Pusa Road, Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110005

The BLK Hospital is located in one of the central districts of Delhi, near the Rajendra Place metro station (blue line). Delhi is a large and lively city, so there are catering facilities and street food at almost every step. Near the hospital there are several cafes of Indian cuisine and small non-chain hotels where you can stay. Under the hospital building there is a large parking lot, which is open 24 hours a day. On the ground floor of the clinic there is a pharmacy and a cafeteria. On the territory there are several ATMs of Indian banks, branches of large banks are within a 10-minute walk from the hospital. Literally 15-20 minutes walk from the hospital is a large city park.



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