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A check-up is a multidisciplinary full-body examination that is carried out each year by a team of doctors from different specialisations. Unlike in the developing countries, this procedure is not performed just formally. The European tradition of health care aims to detect disease at an early stage. This makes it possible not only to save money on hospital bills but also to use more gentle treatment methods. In that case, where to go to if not Spain – one of the healthiest countries in the world?


If you have been thinking about taking care of your health for a long time, you can learn a lot from this article.



There is a myth that check-ups are only for old people or those who already have chronic diseases. This is not the case. A joint study by the American Universities of Texas and Illinois found that people aged 25-44 put their health at risk, believing that they are “too young to be sick”. This perception is particularly often shared by men. However, with age comes an understanding that young people should take care of their health. After all, during a check-up, doctors not only examine the body for diseases but also give individual advice on how to keep your body healthy for many years. A check-up can be a valuable investment in the future.


What can a check-up offer?

    иконка галочки The ability to detect serious illnesses at an early stage, when they are easier to cure. The survival rate for some types of cancer in the 1st stage reaches 100%.  

    иконка галочки The ability to diagnose conditions before chronic diseases (pre-diabetes, osteopenia, etc.).  

    иконка галочки Allows you to reduce costs by avoiding costly treatment of neglected diseases.  

    иконка галочки Individual advice on lifestyle – diet, exercise, habits – that will keep you healthy and young for many years to come.  

    иконка галочки Reducing the risk of complications from chronic diseases.  

    иконка галочки The possibility of preventing the emergence of certain diseases (e.g. flu vaccination, a vaccine against human papillomavirus).  

checkup in spain why everyone should have it

Who should undergo check-ups?

Even healthy people need to check their body condition every year, and this need only increases with age. According to WHO recommendations, examinations are first and foremost important for people who:

    иконка галочки are over 35 years of age;  

    иконка галочки have relatives with inherited diseases: diabetes mellitus, cancer, heart diseases, etc.;  

    иконка галочки have already been diagnosed with serious illnesses in the past;  

    иконка галочки have chronic diseases;  

    иконка галочки have bad habits (smoking, alcohol) and being overweight;  

    иконка галочки live or work in areas with polluted ecology;

    иконка галочки are responsible parents who are planning to have a child.

Dr Karen Karlson, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and co-author of the New Harvard Women’s Health Manual: “Doctors who regularly communicate with patients have a better understanding of them. This helps us interpret their symptoms in an individual context and make the right diagnosis”.


It is also easier for patients to be honest and sincere with a doctor they know well. Harvard University research has shown that people are more likely to admit depression, stress, family violence, alcohol or drug abuse to the doctors they trust.

The Centre for Disease Prevention (CDC) indicates that 7 out of 10 deaths in developed countries are caused by chronic diseases. However, half of the population suffers from preventable diseases.

    Achievements of check-ups:

    иконка галочки A cardiac check among children reduces the risk of sudden cardiac arrest by 89%.  

    иконка галочки 3-35% of cancer deaths could have been prevented by detecting them at an early stage during a check-up.  

    иконка галочки Following the inclusion of congenital heart disease screening in the newborn screening programme in 2011, infant mortality due to critical congenital heart disease decreased by 33% and mortality due to cardiovascular complications – by 21%.  

    иконка галочки Around 30% of patients get a different diagnosis after undergoing examination abroad.  

    иконка галочки According to the WHO in 2020, life expectancy is 9-13 years higher in developed countries, where check-ups are standard practice.  

    иконка галочки By getting rid of harmful habits (alcohol, smoking) and losing weight, health costs can be reduced by 10-50%.  

What are the benefits of passing a cheque in Spain?

чекап организма в испании диагностика анализы check-up

In 2019, The Bloomberg named Spain the healthiest country in the world. In addition to it, Switzerland, Iceland, Italy and Japan hold the leading positions in the ranking. However, even in comparison with these countries, Spain has advantages. For example, compared to Switzerland, medicine in Spain will cost less. Also, the sphere of medical tourism and the willingness to accept foreigners is more developed in Spain.

High professionalism of doctors. Doctors in Spain have a quality education, extensive experience in the treatment of various diseases, and practice abroad. As a result, Spanish doctors often receive prestigious awards and recognition from the international medical community. For example, in 2018, Spanish surgeon Veronica Casado was named the best doctor in the world by the World Organisation of Family Physicians (WONCA).

    Modern medical technologies are available in Spain for diagnosis and treatment. There are Tesla MRI machines, SPECT-CT, O-Arm diagnostic system, Truebeam, DaVinci-SI HD surgical robot developed by NASA, and many others.

    Researchers at Stanford University have found evidence that a warm climate promotes good health. Staying in the Mediterranean reduces stress hormone levels, promotes vitamin D production and helps you recover more quickly, both physically and spiritually.

The large Spanish clinics have international departments set up to facilitate medical tourists’ stay in a foreign country. They can help with airport transfers to the clinic, finding accommodation for accompanying persons, and providing a personal interpreter in their native language. Also, a person who speaks English or Spanish at least at an elementary level will be able to reach an understanding with the medical staff.

Which check-up programmes are available in Spain?

The type of tests that are included in the check-up depends on the person’s health condition. If the doctor discovers that somebody systems are weaker than others, or if the patient is at risk of developing certain conditions, additional examinations will be carried out. It is also possible to undergo a check-up programme for detailed examinations of the heart, oral cavity, vision, etc.


Usually, clinics offer several different packages for check-ups. Among them are:

    иконка галочки Basic check-up for women (includes screening for diseases that only affect women);  

    иконка галочки Basic check-up for men (includes screening for diseases that affect only men);  

    иконка галочки A comprehensive survey on an individual programme;

    иконка галочки Oncological check-up;  

    иконка галочки Cardiology check;  

    иконка галочки Ophthalmologic check-up;  

    иконка галочки Dental check-up;  

    иконка галочки Urological check-up.  

чекап в испании check-up полная диагностика организма цена

What does the check-up package in Spain include?

Upon request, a check-up can include a consultation with a specialist of any field, including nutritionists, psychologists, etc.


Below are some of the packages offered by the leading clinics in Spain.


A basic check-up at Quirónsalud Hospitals Group:

иконка галочки Examination by a specialist;  

иконка галочки Blood test;  

иконка галочки Urine test;  

иконка галочки Abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds;  

иконка галочки Chest X-ray;  

иконка галочки Audiometry (measuring hearing acuity);  

иконка галочки Examination by an ophthalmologist;  

иконка галочки Electrocardiogram;  

иконка галочки Spirometry (lung capacity measurement);  

иконка галочки Full report.  

Comprehensive men’s check-up:

иконка галочки Examination by a doctor;  

иконка галочки Blood test;  

иконка галочки Urine test;  

иконка галочки PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen) test;  

иконка галочки Blood in stool test;  

иконка галочки Abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds;  

иконка галочки Chest X-ray;  

иконка галочки Ergometry (body measurement during exercise);  

иконка галочки Echocardiogram;  

иконка галочки Spirometry (lung capacity measurement);  

иконка галочки Consultation with otolaryngologist + audiometry;  

иконка галочки Examination by an ophthalmologist;  

иконка галочки Electrocardiogram;  

иконка галочки MRI of the body;  

иконка галочки MRI of the body;  

иконка галочки Full report.  

Comprehensive women’s check-up:

иконка галочки Examination by a doctor;  

иконка галочки
Blood test;  

иконка галочки Urine test;  

иконка галочки Blood in stool test;  

иконка галочки Ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis;  

иконка галочки Chest X-ray;  

иконка галочки Densitometry (bone density measurement);  

иконка галочки Ergometry (a measurement of the body during exercise);  

иконка галочки Electrocardiogram;  

иконка галочки Echocardiogram;  

иконка галочки Examination by an ophthalmologist;  

иконка галочки Spirometry (lung capacity measurement);  

иконка галочки MRI of the body;  

иконка галочки Dentist’s examination;  

иконка галочки Full report.  

The length of the check-up depends on the number of studies and consultations.

Tests can be scheduled to be performed on the same day. For the patient’s greater comfort, a separate room is provided with a separate bathroom and TV, as well as breakfast and fresh press.

Which clinics in Spain can I apply for a cheque?

    Teknon Barcelona 

    Read about the clinic →

    Check-up in Spain – why everyone needs it?  

    Teknon Clinic is #1 in Spain according to the International Journal of Medical Tourism (IMJT). It employs over 400 world-class doctors. They perform more than 145,000 diagnostic procedures every year. The clinic is JCI certified.

How much does a check-up cost in Spain?

Procedure испания лечение флаг Spain флаг швейцарии Switzerland usa flag USA
Check-up from €1,800-3,400 from €1,900-4,500 from $3,400-5,000



    иконка галочки The check-up is a programme of individual comprehensive medical tests, which allows for quality monitoring of health status and the prevention of serious illnesses at an early stage. 

    иконка галочки The WHO recommends that all those who take care of their health, but above all people with bad habits and extra weight, those living in environmentally polluted areas, people over 35 years of age, and people with chronic and family illnesses, should take check-ups. 

    иконка галочки Bloomberg called Spain the healthiest country in the world. Among the advantages of undergoing check-ups in Spain: professionalism of doctors, modern technologies, reliable diagnostics, quality service, comfortable climate.  

    иконка галочки Comprehensive check-up programmes, in addition to medical procedures, include an airport-clinic-airport transfer, a personal interpreter, a stay in a separate room for the duration of the diagnosis, and meals. The check-up programme itself varies depending on a person and their characteristics.  

    иконка галочки Special programmes in Spain offer check-ups for men, women and children; oncology, cardiology, urology, dental, ophthalmology and other check-ups.  

    иконка галочки Clinics in Spain offer services of the highest level due to the professionalism of doctors and the latest generation equipment. The achievements of Spanish hospitals have been recognised with international quality certificates, prestigious awards and regular references in the lists of the best clinics in the world from magazines such as IMJT, Forbes, etc.  


You should not wait for the disease to manifest. Plan your annual check-up in Spain today. Leave your requests by clicking the “Get a free consultation” button. Once you have left your contact number, one of our coordination doctors will contact you.

Check-up in Spain – why everyone needs it?

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